Vision Board 2015

A Map for 2015

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So here we are at the end of January, you have probably made resolutions, you have been to the gym, you may even have had a ‘Dry January’ ?
How has it been for you, this first, exciting month of 2015?
Well ours has be spectacular and it is all down to The Vision Board Workshops, a real boost for everyone that attends.

The doors open, music fills the air and everyone finds a suitable table, ready to begin. We take time to be mindful of why we are here and ask ourselves what do we want for us?
Laptops are plugged in, paper cuttings appear, poems, pressed flowers from the garden, family photos, maps and even pieces of sculpture.
This vast wealth of positive imagery or chosen words of wisdom, will become part of the visual signposts, to direct you through the year.

There is no right or wrong way of making a vision board, it is a map, a reference page, reminding you of your intention.
Some of our clients use only words, that set their internal compass and guide them throughout the year.
Others assign themes; Career, Health, Relationships etc.sorting images or words into each area. They can be bright, colourful, complex or simple, it is YOUR vision board. When we focus more on what we do want, we move closer to realising our goals.

The wonderful thing about creating vision boards with others or sometimes 1:1 with a mentor, is that you drill down to who YOU are and what YOU really want.
There are no outside distractions, no phones and obligations to anyone but yourself.  Those who attend are surrounded by similar people, investing in positive growth, change, possible new friendships and accountability. The friendships that have developed from the workshops have been a fantastic bonus.

So that is it, time to step away from illustrator, put laptops away, clear the paper and the glue away until next year.
It has been a privilege to see these personal maps and vision boards come together.
As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “You will see it, when you believe it.” 

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