Monkey 2016

Marvellous Monkey!

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Well here we are again, the 8th of February and a new animal for the Chinese New Year – The Monkey.

This somewhat cheeky little character will bring a fast pace to the year, oodles of motivation and the ability to actually get things done. So the key to getting the most from this year is your choice of mindset. All the things that are so important in achieving goals and releasing us from things that have not worked in the past.  Be on your toes and dare to be different, re think where you are and where you want to be and like Nike say, ‘Just do it’.

This year is not only about the marvellous monkey’s mental fitness, motivation and tapping into a growth mindset, but how you feel physically too. Try something new and instigate regular physical activities from mindful practice to martial arts. This will raise your self esteem and send your confidence through the canopy.

The Monkey is a risk taker with an agile mind who is encouraging you to invest in yourself or follow your heart’s desire. So if you have a project that you have been sitting on, now is the time to release it and enjoy this creative and innovative year.  A word to the wise, ensure you have all the facts and figures to support you in what-ever your venture is, as confidence tricksters abound. There will be some negative undercurrents and nothing should be assumed, check facts to limit stress.

This is a powerful year to take calculated risks, follow your heart, break free and harness the energies around you.

Enjoy the view from the trees tops with this marvellous monkey for company, in a year where anything can happen!



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