Be Fearless in the year of The Rooster.

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On the 28th January it was the start of Chinese New Year celebrated by thousands of people around the world. I was lucky enough this year, to be in the Far East to witness the colour and spectacle of this festival first hand.

After the tricky, ambitions, need for adventure, in the year of the Monkey in 2016 and all his high jinx, we have the Fire Rooster for 2017!

The Rooster will be a welcome change, however, there will be a periods of chaos and unpredictability until he settles in for the rest of 2017. Roosters see things in black or white, no middle of the road thinking, clarity and focus are the watchwords here. The Fire Rooster suggests that by applying his virtues you will accomplish your objectives.

The Roosters five virtues are listed below;





Military Prowess

In 496 BC a Chinese General who was a brilliant military strategist and philosopher called Sun-Tzu is quoted as saying,

‘Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.’

In turn you will know what challenges may lay ahead for you, because you have already explored the options.  You know what you want, but are unsure of how to implement it.  The challenge will be to remain courageous in the face of adversity, committed and focused.

On the  website, there is an interesting article by Eric Jackson. He writes about how to win in your life, work and the management of others. A great read with a list of 33 other quotes by Sun-Tzu. See it here

Sun-Tzu was a very insightful man, whose wise words still resonate today.

The clarity and focus needed to navigate this year must be set out at the beginning of the year. By using the first 3 months wisely you can adopt a positive mindset. This will give you a clear strategy and help you gain the tactics required to draw up a map or document that you can follow throughout the year. A blueprint, a plan if you will, with clear focused objectives, no shades of grey in 2017.

Be fearless!

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