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When words don’t come easy.

Last week I was working with a team of individuals within a company, to firstly tune into what motivates them and secondly to enable them to communicate more effectively with each other.

Communication is made up of three parts; the words we use, the tonality of our voices and our body language. We use all of these traits everyday to let those around us know how we feel and think. 55% of our communication is through body language; approximately 38% is based on tonality of the voice and 7% on our actual words.

We use this quick iMA questionnaire to get the ball rolling, to see which colour you are. Once you understand your style of communicating and thinking you are then more adept at identifying these traits in others. This leads neatly into choosing the right words to motivate, inspire, lead and focus others in the family or at work.

What is iMA?

iMA is a simple, universal language, that maximises connectivity and greater understanding of ourselves and others. Every person in the world speaks one dialect naturally, putting you on the same wavelength as 25% of the people in the world.
iMA teaches you the things you need to know to be able to connect effectively with the other three iMA dialects, who look and filter the world differently to you.

Healthy Communication at Home, School & Work

This communication tool increases mutual liking, trust, understanding and respect, whilst reducing stress and tension, in every area of your life. Imagine if you could get your point across clearly to your boss, your spouse or your children, a tremendous addition indeed to your toolkit.
iMAs’ systematic approach is Fast, Simple and Easy:

  • Inspire and motivate staff
  • Develop strong and effective teams and leaders
  • Increase productivity and morale
  • Improve communication from the inside out
  • Increase customer confidence
  • Strengthen your brand

iMA has also been used within schools, where the national framework for careers education and guidance calls for us to focus on: self development, career exploration and career management.  This colour profiling is designed to help explore and develop fundamental traits in a student’s approach to 4 important areas of their lives:

  1. Life
  2. Working
  3. Learning
  4. Relationships

iMA was introduced by Headteacher Anne-Marie Hodgkiss  (1997 -2008) at the Princess Helena College Hitchin, to staff and sixth form students.  She is also a Membership Officer at the Independent Schools Association and said of the scheme,

it enriched the school in ways far beyond the initial planned careers support. It :

  • Facilitated learning
  • Gained the attention of students across the ability spectrum
  • Strengthened relationships between teachers and students
  • Provided self understanding to support more effective teaching
  • Enhanced self development supporting more effective career decision making
  • Boosted Morale
  • Enhanced Cooperation

The programme holds great potential for staff and students in education as well as for employers and employees in the corporate world.’

So if you would like a human resources audit carried out within your company, school or department please get in touch. If you would like to know your communication style, to enable you to be understood and indeed help you understand those around, please use the link below.

See which colour YOU are here


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