From Rabbits to Roosters, My Resolutions Reframed

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Since 2011 which was the Chinese year of the rabbit, I decided that I couldn’t focus my mind to think of New Year resolutions for 31st December and so postponed it. Not indefinitely you understand but giving myself breathing space. Specifically until I found my feet in the new year, post the madness of the festive season.

This practice continues today, in the Year of the dog. Especially as it makes me smile, the possibility of getting a new puppy looms on the horizon. I will come back to that possibility later on.

So January to February are my months to reflect on the previous year. Noticing my achievements, challenges and areas of growth, allowing me to ‘see’ how far I have come. This is a conscious decision on my part, to reframe my achievements and rebuild myself esteem that often becomes depleted towards the end of the year.

We tend to spend time focusing on what we have not finished, the to do list, with few jobs ticked off and we become consumed by negative thoughts and totally overwhelmed. By choosing to reflect and reframe my hopes and dreams for the New Year become more complete thoughts, in vibrant colour and pull me forward. That is when I am ready to sit down and get creative with a vision board.

My vision boards have varied over the years, in theme, content and design. They are the fun part of this process for me, with the deadline of the Chinese New Year to keep me on track.

There are 5 simple steps to creating a vision board;

  1. Collect images from magazines, phrases and words that resonate with you. Put them all in a file or oversized envelope or file on your computer.
  2. Grab a sheet of A3 or A4 paper and begin laying out your favorite images in front of you. Don’t stick anything down yet! As you move things around you will get a feel for what you are trying to tap into. You may divide your board into Career, family, health & wellbeing and relationships. The great thing it is your board, your choice, your ideas.
  3. Now the fun part… get the glue out, or save everything on your computer.
  4. Sometimes I leave a space in the center with a picture of myself / family or my biggest motivation for that year. Fitness, Travel etc.
  5. Now save it in as many ways as you can, print it to hang up, use as a bookmark or screensaver. Look at your vision board every day. This positive habit becomes a great mental reminder for the coming year, keeping you on track, to realise your hopes and dreams.

Here are some of my boards over the years you can see how they vary.

Vision Board 2011

Vision Board 2012

Vision Board 2015

Vision Board 2017

Vision Board 2018

Give it a go, explore your own creativity and give yourself breathing space next New Year. Oh I said I would come back to the puppy, her name is Luna and look where she is on my board. I will keep you posted!

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