Your Mindful Life

So what is being Mindful and using Mind Power? For me, it is appreciating the moments, taking time to notice the little things, pause, reset and respond actively to those around me. This consequently heightens the colour in our lives and we tune in, feel more fulfilled and connected.  

For all of us, life throws many challenges our way that impact upon our daily and lifetime goals. Indeed, even every day routine can effect the actions we take and the drive and ambitions we strive to realise. For some, this undermines self confidence, general well being and happiness. Life can appear to us in shades of grey. Mindfulness helps our brains to switch off, take notice of what is going on in our bodies and slow down our thoughts. So when our inner voice becomes too loud to ignore, we realise it is time to take some positive action. The simple act of noticing the breath and recalibrating is using your Mind Power.  What that means for each of us will be different to the next person – because we are all unique. We need time to think for ourselves – to take stock, rediscover ourselves and work towards changing our path so we can feel more fulfilled. 

Working with individuals and groups that include parents and students in a school setting, we develop this invaluable skill. I have been delivering Mindfulness sessions at Taunton School and Queens College in Somerset, who have already made a huge investment in the 'Whole Child'. Mindfulness is an essential skill for children to adopt early and then use for the rest of their lives. It has been proven to help with stress, exam technique, depression, anxiety and conflict.

Sessions are delivered over an 8 week period, which enables a consistent practice to emerge and a full knowledge of the science behind the technique to be digested.

Courses Available

  • Mindfulness for Students 4 years +
  • Mindfulness for Mums  - A practical guide to teach yourself and your children
  • Summer Exam Success using Mindfulness
  • Walk & Talk Sessions
  • 60 Minutes to Health & Happiness
  • 60 Minutes to Business Success - Improve mental wellbeing for staff and increase productivity