Your mindset matters

Our Mindset plays a large part in what we believe to be true and what our true potential is. 

In 2012 Carol Dweck, a professor at Standford University who has studied mindsets and how they affect personal development, separated them into two groups. The Fixed Mindset is a belief that an individuals basic abilities, their intelligence, and their talents are fixed traits. These individuals also have a fear of failure as it reflects on their abilities and skills. Whereas an individual with a Growth Mindset understands that their talents and abilities can be developed through hard work, training and not being afraid to fail because they will learn and grow.

Dwecks research concludes “ The growth mindset was intended to help close the achievement gaps, not hide them. It is about telling the truth about the students current achievments and then together, doing something about it, helping him or her to become smarter.”

So with 121 sessions with Louisa you can adjust your mindset, change your thinking and embrace greater learning. Now the promotion, career change or skill set development can become a reality. I can offer you just what you need to get started on that new journey, arming you with guidance, resources and personal help that will see you achieving your goals and setting you on the right road for life.