Your Personal Life

For all of us, life throws many challenges our way that impact upon our daily and lifetime goals. Indeed, even every day routine can effect the actions we take and the drive and ambitions we strive to fulfil. For some, this undermines self-confidence, general well-being and happiness. Life can appear to us in shades of grey. Energy, motivation, passion, and enthusiasm – can all become depleted and suppressed. Until, our inner voice becomes too loud to ignore and we realise it is time to take some positive action. This consequently heightens the colour in our lives and we tune in, feel more fulfilled and connected.

Can you see anything on the list below that seems familiar to you?

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • low self esteem
  • procrastination
  • overwhelmed
  • unable to cope or say no
  • stress 
  • confusion
  • mid life changes
  • teenage troubles
  • life changes
  • loss of clarity
  • bereavement/divorce
  • career changes

This is not a definitive list. Some personal issues may simply be smaller hurdles or shorter term goals that need just the right impetus to conquer. We can help you using our very successful mentoring system.

So, a typical first session with Louisa starts with a FREE 15 minute call. After the call, a tailor made package is designed, just for you. It could be a one off session, fortnightly or monthly session, which are 60 minutes long. One to one Motivation Mentoring at a mutually convenient date and time will be agreed with you. The minimum number of sessions is 4, a realistic programme for you to see change and some of your immediate goals are realised. This can be done face to face, over the phone, or  a Skype call. Your investment in your new future using this very successful mentoring system is so easy to do. Session dates are booked and paid in advance, with a percentage of your fee being donated to a charity of your choice.

Courses Available

  • 4 Week Mindset Module
  • 4 Week Motivational Mentoring
  • Walk & Talk Sessions
  • 60 Minutes to Success
  • 60 Minutes to Health & Happiness
  • 60 Minutes to Business Success
  • Nordic Walking Taster Sessions – Free 30 minute Introduction to Nordic Walking
  • Nordic Waking Whole Body Fit – 4 sessions