# Mumsgapyear

Hi and welcome to my travel adventures aka #mumsgapyear. Yes before you ask, I was terrified of the notion of going anywhere as a solo, middle aged woman. However it wasn't enough to stop me pursuing the idea.

Like most of us I didn't have a gap year and with my children leaving the nest, I decided I wanted to leave the nest too, see the rest of the world and have new experiences.  Unfortunately I cannot afford to take a whole year off travelling, both financially or from a work perspective. This was not going to deter me though there had to be a solution. So after much thought I decided to not have a fixed time in which to complete this but allocated 52 weeks off for travel adventures instead.

There is a caveat here, you need to  understand the fundamental difference between Travelling and a Holiday. Here let me explain.

A holiday is a suitcase full of clothes that will be transferred into a draw or wardrobe on arrival at your destination.

Travelling is a rucksack or similar that your clothes remain in, for the duration of your trip. Stacked in an order so you don't need to unpack to find that illusive pair of walking socks that you know are in there somewhere!

A holiday is when you can sleep in, have leisurely days around the pool, wandering around a gallery or museum or laying on the deck of a boat, topping up on the tan.

Travelling is setting an early alarm to be up, breakfasted and packed ready for the minibus or train to take you to the next amazing place you have only dreamed of. Spending 12 hours on a bus with no suspension climbing winding tracks in Guatemala. (Yuck! I hate mornings this is a tough one for me, but always worth the effort.)

A holiday has a bathroom that is an oasis for your ablutions.

Travelling, you dip and dash sometimes there is loo roll, this is considered 3 star!

You get the idea, there is most definitely a difference and both are fabulous experiences. I hope that helps I just wanted you to be clear.

In the autumn I will be running small events to share my travel stories, photos and to encourage you to travel solo or with friends. The fisrt step is the hardest, however once taken you will never look back.

Trip 1 Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia in January 2017

Trip 2 Central America including Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. July 2017

Trip 3 A train adventure through Spain and Morocco. February 2018

Trip 4 Japan, Cherry blossom, bullet trains and Mount Fuji. April 2018

Trip 5 TBC