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Supermum Mindful Minutes

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Mindful sessions for mums is designed to give you tips and techniques to help share mindfulness. The 30 minute Mind Power sessions will show you how to engage your children and yourself in this healthy practice. There are weekly worksheets and a journal to keep you on track.  Learning how to notice what is going on in your own mind and …

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10 Top Confidence Tips for Children

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Unconditional Love When you show children that your love for them is unconditional, not based on their achievements, their self talk is more positive. When they make mistakes, they are more likely to pick themselves up and try again. Mistakes become part of learning and criticising or shaming are no longer part of their vocabulary, if you remain consistent and …

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Mum’s Gap Year.

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  The night before I travel anywhere it is always the same. That sense of relief when you haven’t slept properly because you are waiting for the alarm to go off and finally it does. Feeling like I have done 5 rounds with Nicola Adams, I have the puffy eyes to prove it. My day starts, kettle on for a …

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Why flying a kite is good for you.

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MOTIVATION I always wanted to be an architect and help design bridges, I know exactly when this seed was sown.  My family lived in Bristol for about 7 years and we regularly travelled across the Clifton Suspension Bridge designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. This feat of design engineering was astonishing to me and I wanted to know all about how and …