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10 Top Confidence Tips for Children

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Unconditional Love When you show children that your love for them is unconditional, not based on their achievements, their self talk is more positive. When they make mistakes, they are more likely to pick themselves up and try again. Mistakes become part of learning and criticising or shaming are no longer part of their vocabulary, if you remain consistent and …

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Mum’s Gap Year.

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  The night before I travel anywhere it is always the same. That sense of relief when you haven’t slept properly because you are waiting for the alarm to go off and finally it does. Feeling like I have done 5 rounds with Nicola Adams, I have the puffy eyes to prove it. My day starts, kettle on for a …

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iMA High Red what’s your colour?

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MOTIVATION When words don’t come easy. Last week I was working with a team of individuals within a company, to firstly tune into what motivates them and secondly to enable them to communicate more effectively with each other. Communication is made up of three parts; the words we use, the tonality of our voices and our body language. We use …

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Marvellous Monkey!

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MINDSET Well here we are again, the 8th of February and a new animal for the Chinese New Year – The Monkey. This somewhat cheeky little character will bring a fast pace to the year, oodles of motivation and the ability to actually get things done. So the key to getting the most from this year is your choice of …