A gift and possibly the keys to that door.

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I want to give you a gift that I hope you will like, actually I know you will, trust me.

When I was training to be a coach, as part of our homework one night, we were asked to give a 3 minute pitch the following morning. I went into total meltdown. Firstly, I felt I didn’t know enough as a coach, and secondly I get so nervous I physically shake. Statistically speaking I am not alone; public speaking is the number one fear for adults, with death being second!

That evening I spent hours trying out different ideas, getting no-where fast and frustrated in the process. I needed something that everyone could relate to, as I was presenting to a mixed gender and wide age range of fellow coaches. I scanned my room for inspiration and on the table were my keys. That was my light-bulb moment.

Your keys, like mine, have a specific use, their own identity, individual shape and colour. The set of keys in the photograph are mine, the first one is for my front door. This is a complex key that unlocks the door for family, friends old and new, but allows me to lock others out. A door that gives access to how I live, the colours I choose to brighten my home and the treasures I surround myself with. The walls covered in artwork collected from trips abroad and a mosaic of photographs that captured precious moments that were gone in a heartbeat but forever immortalised on my wall. Musical instruments ready to be played that give the house a soundtrack and the listeners are enveloped in a warm comforting blanket. I love this key.

Back to the presentation and what I wanted to share. Simple really. That coaching unlocks endless possibilities. Wow, big statement. How was I going to put my point across in 3 minutes and how am I going to give you your gift?

I walked into the room took a very deep breath and sat down at the conference table with my fellow presenters. I started shaking and a nervous feeling began to take over so, to get this done sooner rather than later, I asked to be second. My heart was banging inside my chest and my mouth went dry, I knew I had to do something to calm myself down. Then my name was called and I was off.

“I have a gift for you.” was my opening line, as I placed a small box in the middle of the table, I removed the lid and asked my audience to take one item each from the box.

The previous evening I had been out and managed to purchase a small box and made an array of interesting and individual key fobs.

Each person looked into the box and took a key, however I am still not sure what influenced their decision; the type of key or the fob itself. I asked everyone to handle the key and explained that it would unlock ‘That’ door. Throughout our lives we walk through many doors, some of which can be unlocked, others remained closed to us. These are clearly not our doors and we must move on. I asked my audience to shout out what door they wanted to unlock: confidence, happiness, money, success, to be a great coach, were all shouted back. My gift as your coach is to design a blueprint with You, that enables You to find the door that fits your key. The timer went off and my 3 minutes were up….whoosh! The time had whizzed by… I fell into my chair, took another deep breath and knew I had helped open doors.

So my gift to you is to share the knowledge that you have always had the key, however you just need to figure out which door you want to open.

Trust yourself and follow your heart.


  1. I missed your pitch, fellow guests would have been very impressed by the content, confidence and your natural charisma, a subject everyone could relate to for its simplicity and clarity of the message you were able to divulge, just lovely ,fondest regards an ancient mariner.x

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