Sowing Positive Seeds in 2018

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Firstly Happy New Year to you and welcome to 2018 and the new website.

So how was 2017 for you, what did you learn, what drove you bonkers and most importantly what made your heart sing and give you the most enormous smile?

For most of us it was a turbulent year with an unprecedented amount of storms and other weather extremes, globally. We had the extraordinary antics of Mr. Trump, love him or loathe him I think he is here for the duration. Brexit and as we know “Brexit means Brexit” I have to be honest, I still do not understand what that means. I do however understand the need to give these issues space and find time in January for us.

After the build up to Christmas, being pulled in all directions, physically and emotionally by family, work demands and deadlines, we are exhausted and do not recognize ourselves. Throw this terrible Australian flu virus into the mix and what a potent explosive mix to carry into the New Year. So stop, let go of it, get outside, get some perspective and yes damn it be selfish.
When we stop caring for ourselves, those around us follow suit and care less about us too.

Secondly the need to recalibrate, take stock and enjoy those moments that shaped our thinking, taught us something about ourselves is worth noting down. Especially those experiences that confirmed anything and everything are possible. This is an essential investment of our time to enable more personal growth in 2018.

January is a self-care/selfish month. I use a simple set of exercises, which have thus far never let me down.
They are my seeds for the year; with careful preparation of the ground and liberal watering they will flourish and make 2018 a bumper year!

My seeds for 2017 were to travel as much as possible, aka #MumsGapYear. There will be photos and short blogs uploaded here on the website, so if you wish, you can read all about my adventures. Also check out my new adventures that start shortly, with an amazing train trip across 2 continents! So exciting!

But I digress…I wanted to try as many new experiences and challenge myself last year. Not big scary challenges although they too crossed my path. I wanted to get connected, meet new people, and experience that tingle of anticipation, to feel vital, alive. Signing up for a solo trip to the Far East, paddle boarding, piloting a small plane over atolls in Belize were some of the most memorable.

Alongside deepening my personal practice of mindfulness and being present for those around me, which challenged me in ways, I hadn’t anticipated. Keeping to a simple walking plan of a minimum of 10,000 steps per day was tricky too!

The most extraordinary seed, was sown for me, by someone I had yet to meet. Whilst I was out shopping, post my trips, I got chatting to a lady in a queue, she wanted to travel to Canada to see family, but it would be on her own. As she spoke I could see this was a complicated problem, she was anxious even talking about it. I could relate directly to her fear. She said she didn’t have the courage to take the initiative and book her flight. We chatted for another 10 minutes, during that time we shifted her thinking and quashed the ‘what if’s’!

Consequently on parting we made a deal with each other, I would write a blog and share my adventures, she would book her trip by the end of January. We exchanged numbers, I am seeing her at the end of this week, I will report back.

Finally I would like to say that your wish list, dreams, goals or whatever you want to call them are YOURS. John C Maxwell, an international leadership expert, says there are 5 reasons we do not realise these desires:

1. We have been discouraged from dreaming by others.

2. We are hindered by past disappointments and hurts.

3. We fall into the habit of settling for average.

4. We lack the confidence needed to pursue our dreams.

5. We lack the imagination. .

So tear the top of this metaphorical seed packet Seeds for January and get sowing.


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