Mums Gap Year

Mum’s Gap Year.

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The night before I travel anywhere it is always the same. That sense of relief when you haven’t slept properly because you are waiting for the alarm to go off and finally it does.

Feeling like I have done 5 rounds with Nicola Adams, I have the puffy eyes to prove it. My day starts, kettle on for a cup of tea, nectar of the gods as fair as I’m concerned, radio on to hear what is happening in the world, a quick check of the time. All good.

This time last year it was my first solo trip in #MumsGapYear adventure. A terrifying leap of faith in myself, facing personal challenges and also still mourning the loss of my best friend. I never had the opportunity to have a gap year; having worked all my life and knowing it was now time to change things up. To inhale the future, exhale the past.

Draining my teacup, I empty the fridge of perishables as no one will be home for over 2 weeks, set the timer switches throughout the house, bins out and check all windows are locked. Time to jump in the shower. Done. Last bits into my hand luggage, check my watch again, passport, tickets, credit cards, check! Bleach in all the loo’s, taxi arrives and I am off…Gatwick here I come. Heathrow was my departure destination in 2017, heading to the Far East and all that it would teach me. I have come such a long way.

It is funny standing at bag drop trying to work out what my fellow travellers are taking. The ski bags, golf clubs, cases of all shapes, sizes, designs and colours. Those that have packed light with the smallest bag you have ever seen. I am somewhere in the middle of the luggage spectrum, with my trusty Eagle Creek wheeled bag and packing cubes. If you haven’t used cubes you have not packed! At first it is a little like luggage Jenga, however it makes you pack savvy, stay organized and sane! So bags checked in, through to departures, having that internal conversation, did I lock the front door, send those emails, pay my tax bill, pack enough pants?

This trip is a two-week sojourn by train, thorough Spain to Tarifa, where a ferry will transport me to Tangiers in North Africa and onward to Meknes, Fez, Casablanca and my final destination of Marrakech. My flight is being called first stop Spain and the very beautiful city of Barcelona. See you there…Hasta Luego!

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