Why do people use the C word?

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Oh how I hate the C word, it cuts me to the quick.

I am supposed to forgive those that use it according to a  study by Dr. Timothy Jay. He suggests that a higher IQ and linguistic understanding is the key to those that swear a lot. Thus dashing the long held belief that it is the less articulate or educated that do so.

Our language is where we live, it assists us in expressing ourselves and the world we relate to. The study is an interesting read, that pre supposes that our biology, psychology and culture, mould our language.

This diagram illustrates just how this manifests itself and can then impact our mental health.



But I digress, the C word is what bothers me most. People bandy it about, unaware that there could be children around and those that really dread Christmas!

The first time I heard someone say Christmas, was back in early September. It was just as the schools went back and some bright spark said, ‘Do you know it is only 16 weeks until Christmas.’  The children were still enjoying their memories created during those long lazy sunny days at the beach, paddling in the sea, exploring foreign countries and cultures and visiting granny. Is it really necessary to push them towards Christmas which, in their lives, is miles away.

By-passing the joy of a new school year, new friends and new teachers.  Skipping past all the colours of Autumn, the spookiness of Halloween, the excitement of Bonfire night, with hot chocolate and fireworks exploding into the jet black skies. Surely it is stealing precious moments from them, that we older souls know is all too fleeting. Try to remember there are also those that have a dread of the C word. Asking themselves over and over again, Where will I go this year, who will ask me to spend the day with them or that single, paralysing fear of being alone.

Why is this propensity to live in the future so endemic in our culture? The stress that this inflicts on us, affecting our mental health, not allowing our thoughts room to enjoy the moment.

When was the last time you noticed how your partner looked? When did you spend a little extra time reading to your children, just because you could? Or called your parents, spoke to them to just say ‘Hi’.  Chatted with your neighbours and friends and really listened?

Be present, slow that bullet train of thoughts down.

Stop this relentless journey of being disconnected from the here and now. Pull into the sidings invest time in those right in front of you or those you miss and don’t make time for. Always an excuse isn’t there…

So as we are closing in on December, I am less likely to jump on anyone that asks me what am I doing for Christmas. However, please, please, please, don’t ask me about my plans for the Summer!

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