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A Passport, could be the perfect present.

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There is something deeply satisfying in giving a gift voucher to someone who never treats themselves.

So many of my friends this year have said that they would love to spoil themselves , do something like have a facial,  join a club or learn a new skill. It never happens because they do not know how to make the time for themselves. Overwhelmed with guilt about making time for themselves, they self sabotage. Sometimes we have to step in, force them into accepting that which we know will make them light up. Give them a gift to let them off that emotional hook.

A gift voucher is like a passport to fulfilling that desire. The bearer has to use it. Has to make time and has no feelings of guilt, because it was given as a gift.

They get to unwrap the experience in their own time, feel nurtured, nourished and loved. So help your friends, make time for themselves in 2019, gift them one of my vouchers or one from Wayside House for a Spa Treatment or a Colour Consultation with Style by Louise.


Experience Six Mindful Me Classes with Louisa, each class is 45 minutes long. Create the year you want, find a pause in your day, reset your thinking and respond more effectively to those around you. Cost £75.


Take time out, have a 35 minute Reiki Treatment to rebalance your energy, switch off that busy brain and rid your body of those aches and pains. Cost 25. 

Walk & Talk

We all need to be heard and get those negative thoughts out of our heads. That is where a  60 minute Walk & Talk Session wins every time. Side by side coaching that re-energises your passion, increases your motivation and sharpens your focus. This can also be run as a 60 Minutes to Success Session carried out using Skype or Zoom Meeting.  Cost £45.

Nordic Walking

Would you like to walk yourself fit with 4 Spring Nordic Walking Classes? A 45 minute top to toe outdoor activity that is like doing pilates outdoors. Great for toning and strengthening all your muscles, improves overall wellbeing and gets your energy soaring. Cost £50.

So should you wish to send your family or friends off into 2019 with a passport to positivity, passion and purpose click here.

Tell me which gift voucher you would like and I will do the rest.

Oh don’t forget yourself will you!

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