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Six Happy Habits.

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Tis the season to be jolly Fa-la-la-la-la and there is an expectation for us to be continuously happy. Yet this is not something that is always possible is it nor realistic!

FaceBook, Instagram, Tumbler and many other platforms are full, I mean bursting at the seams with perfect pictures. A positive spin on everything, nothing out of place in those selfies, snaps of unobtainable lifestyles and if you scratch beneath the surface what would you actually find? Are these people really happy? Is life as blissful as it appears, my friend Lisa somehow doubts it! She gets so cross at the ‘fakeness’ of it all. I think most peoples lives are full of ups and downs, they just want to share the positives. It is your own beliefs and mindset that decides how you interpret it.

However I would like to believe that I am a realist and when I work with my coaching clients we deal with the facts as they see them and the power of now. So with that in mind here are 6 top tips, with tons of research to support them, on what YOU could do to be happier, the choice is yours.

1.Take Time Out  Weather you meditate or practice mindfulness, taking time out really does relieve stress. The simple act of taking a pause, allows us to reconnect to what is happening. Then we can reset to what is required of us and respond more effectively and unleash our creativity.

2. Interact With Others  Sharing our time and thoughts with others deepens our understanding of ourselves and those around us. Invite a friend for lunch, catch up with family, join a club. There are times you want to hop into your onesie, eat pizza and binge on Netflix and so you should. Just don’t make it a regular thing!

3.Positive Pathways  Jon Kabat Zinn, the founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
proves that neurons that fire together wire together. Specifically if your thoughts are positive and optimistic that neural pathway becomes a super highway of thoughts and emotional responses. Likewise if you err on the more pessimistic side, that will be your go to route. Changing the direction of thoughts isn’t always easy, however it is worth the investment. There are some great apps like Headspace and Mindful available for your smartphone, a little everyday, goes along way.

4. Be You  If you struggle saying no to people and they take advantage of you, here is something to help. Practice this phrase, ‘ I would love to help with that, however I am over committed at the moment.’ It will give you an option out and courage in the future to be more authentic, enabling you to express yourself.

5. Playtime  When you think about the day ahead of you, factor in some fun. Adults forget to play, to embrace that joyous feeling that children experience. So sing in the car, dance with your partner or children, skip, kick the leaves, jump in puddles, got to the park and sit on the swings. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

6. Thankful Thoughts  Acknowledging we don’t feel happy, wanting a duvet day, to disconnect, is healthy. To sustain being happy 24-7 is totally unrealistic. So when we withdraw we can still be thankful and with those thoughts of gratitude we can slowly shift our thinking. No rush, all emotions should be felt and noticed, it’s what makes us human.

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Thanks to Lisa for prompting this blog,  I wish you all a fabulous festive season and will catch up with you all in January.

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