Retreat, re-set and bring on the revolution!

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January is my time to retreat and reset after the madness of Christmas. A time to settle into thinking about the year ahead and all those possibilities. No new year resolutions here. So you can imagine my disappointment when all the Sunday newspapers were full of articles about ‘new you’, healthy habits for 2020, get fit fast and how to be happy. I don’t know about you but I switch off.

January is named after the 2 headed Roman god Janus, who looked back to the previous year and forward to the new. 31 days of Janus joy, to hone in on the lessons learnt in 2019, acknowledge the experiences you don’t want to repeat and create a blueprint to navigate the coming year.

Every year in February,  I create a vision board and run workshops for clients. A vision board is a pictorial representation of all the things I wish to realise in the coming year. Such as completing a weekly crossword puzzle, walk 10,000 steps daily, eat more fruit. You know the drill. The vision board is then placed somewhere that can be seen everyday to keeping you on track. A personal map for the coming year.

When clients begin personal coaching with me, I ask them to write a letter to themselves. It is an effective way, to clearly show, what they need to do to accomplish their goals. The process allows you to see your life a year from now. To step inside your future self and notice what it took to get where you are. So if you would like to write a letter from your future self to your present self try these 3 simple steps;

Step 1
Firstly find a neutral space to write your letter so you are not distracted. Be somewhere that fills you with joy, is a peaceful space and allows your thoughts to flow. Don’t edit or cross out. Dream big.

Step 2
Secondly list your goals, describe your life now in the future and how you are feeling, be totally creative. It is the life you imagined for yourself. What changes have you implemented and what habits have you changed? Be honest with yourself, stay focussed and offer no judgement.

Step 3
Thirdly when you are honest about what really makes you happy, there is an internal shift in your thinking. The impossible begins to feel possible. Now you can keep the letter somewhere that you can read often, thus maintaining you stay on track with your goals. Also you can use this great website called Future Me to send your letter and get it posted back a year from that date.

So carve out some time, find a space and get writing, after all what have you got to lose?
Happy New Year, good luck and enjoy!

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      A vision board keeps you on track and shows you daily what you are aiming for. A perfect visual reminder! It really works for me and many of my clients. Enjoy the process Diana.

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