Locked Down & Happily Offline.

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Hello you lovely people. I am guessing we are all in the same boat?

Locked down, working from home with the whole family around us. A strange new world indeed!

My grown up children made it under the wire and I heaved a sigh of relief as they walked through the door, weighed down by rucksacks and the fear of this very real global situation.

One had travelled 38 hours, across 4 continents to reach home and had to leave his girlfriend at Heathrow. She travelled north to be with her family and receive a much needed hug, as they had been away for 5 months, travelling. I know he is going to miss her terribly.

My other son was coming to visit from Spain, just for the weekend he thought. On his journey to Barcelona airport though there was a nervousness amongst the passengers, some wearing protective face masks and keeping their distance. My sons text came thick and fast as he was unsure if he should travel. My thoughts went primal, if this epidemic was as bad as the press were reporting, I wanted my son home, safe with me.

So muddling through this new world order I need to make time to get organised. To create an environment for us all to thrive, find rooms that we can be productive in, as we are all still working and enjoy this time to be a family again.

So just for this month I will be offline, stay safe and well and I’ll catch up with you in May!

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