Lockdown Love Letters.

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So today the Collins dictionary decided that the word that best sums up 2020 is ‘LOCKDOWN’. A spokesperson explained , “it encapsulates the shared experience of billions of people”…it certainly does that, doesn’t it!

Although it could have been the word “unprecedented” as that has popped up in news reports, consistently the world over. I really want to do this lockdown V2 differently. So I have decided to send you lockdown love letters, letting you know you are not alone and focus your mind on the things that are not cancelled.

We all have someone.

As November drifts past like the autumn leaves and if we remain present, focus on the small positive things we can navigate this together.

Nature can nurture you through this.

So if you would like a love letter everyday and to tap into the positivity then click this link https://www.facebook.com/louisacreativecoach/ Come and talk to me on Facebook and let’s get through this together.

Get creative, colourful and confident in yourself expression.

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