A Year of 1st!

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Quiz night, on zoom, on new years eve, the new normal right? It struck me that 2020 was a year of firsts for all of us. Some of those 1st were hard to bare, some gave us strength, some broke us, some lifted us up and some held us back.

How we view the past year will shape our expectations of 2021. What would be on your list of 1st and what could you learn from it? Use this new found wisdom to discover all that might be possible. Remember to set the bar low to avoid disappointment and build confidence. Happy to share my list of firsts that looks a little like this;

  • Locked down with my family.
  • Clapping for the NHS with my community, who I got to know better
  • Lost my father to cancer
  • Found a feather from a Jay
  • Unable to travel abroad
  • Writing a eulogy
  • Spent time with my children, no interruptions – bliss.
  • No live gigs
  • Furloughed- who knew what that meant before 2020
  • Walked virtually with a client from Taunton to Paris
  • Learnt Spanish
  • My grandmother passed away
  • Started couch to 5k
  • No Wimbledon
  • Eldest son bought his first house
  • No hugging
  • Bought a Katherine Hamilton bra – if you own one, you know what I am saying.
  • Scotland beat France, England and Italy in the rugby
  • Youngest son moved in with his girlfriend
  • No Ski Sunday
  • Stopped watching the news
  • Brexit actually happened
  • We have a vaccine

As I type this list of firsts, I am noticing that it is bringing me joy, and reminding me of the things I am now grateful for. We should embrace the resilience that we didn’t know we had. Reflect on the possibility of growth and our collective change of perspective and pace.

We are all doing our best aren’t we under these strange conditions. So it’s a new year, a new day, just take it slow.

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