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What is Career Coaching  and how will it help you?

Have you ever wanted to realise a goal, stay motivated, have the confidence to do something specific? Then you get blown off course, give up or get over whelmed.

That is where having a coach comes in. Someone who is championing you, making you accountable and nudging you ever onward. You will be amazed by the simplicity of the coaching process, and blown away by YOUR progress.

What will Career Coaching cover?

  • Exploring values and beliefs
  • Strategy planning to find the correct career path
  • Assessing motivation drivers and why we procrastinate
  • Developing effective communication skills – learn to listen
  • Stress and resilience management
  • Improving confidence and balancing emotions
  • Tap into your skill set and explore developing new ones
  • Time management

Ask about 4 tailor made sessions, that fit in with your days, over an agreed timeframe.

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“Louisa is a phenomenal person – energy, energy and more energy…Within a second of connecting with her, it felt like I had known her for years. This is what Louisa is about – understanding people, connecting the right energy and adding plenty of value to those she connects with. I look forward to recommending Louisa to all of those people who I meet, whom I know she can be of major benefit.”James Yates | CEO