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Lockdown Love Letters.

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So today the Collins dictionary decided that the word that best sums up 2020 is ‘LOCKDOWN’. A spokesperson explained , “it encapsulates the shared experience of billions of people”…it certainly does that, doesn’t it! Although it could have been the word “unprecedented” as that has popped up in news reports, consistently the world over. I really want to do this …

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Get sexy, get outside, get walking!

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MOTIVATION We have been so lucky with the weather during this strange period of the pandemic. For those on furlough, it’s been great to get outdoors, boost mental health whilst always staying safe! How does walking works wonders? Well, it improves our cardiovascular system, burns calories, boosts libido, changes our mood and cultivates creativity. In The Daily Mail, Dr Craig …

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Compassion Creates Calm for all Students!

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July was a busy month working with anxious students who have had a great deal to contend with since March. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken their freedom, their friendships and in their minds, their future. In 2016 I studied to become a Mindfulness educator, the focus was on awareness of what was going on inside the body. The objective was …

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A 100 Days of Podcasts!

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It all began 100 days ago on March 23rd 2020, lockdown wasn’t being talked about it was being actioned! How has it been for you? Did you do the decorating, did you clear the attic? Oh, and with all that glorious weather I bet your suntan looks amazing, like you’ve been on holiday! I know it doesn’t feel like we …

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Locked Down & Happily Offline.

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Hello you lovely people. I am guessing we are all in the same boat? Locked down, working from home with the whole family around us. A strange new world indeed! My grown up children made it under the wire and I heaved a sigh of relief as they walked through the door, weighed down by rucksacks and the fear of …

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February 2020 and the rush on loo roll in Australia was a perplexing news story! These items became funny gifs and memes around the planet. What was going on? The photos and reports kept flooding the news channels, a strange social contagion! Fast forward to mid-March of the same year, which will certainly go down in the annuls of history. …

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A new way of thinking!

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  As we grow older we discover and understand more about ourselves. Experiences give us little pieces of code that make up who we are. This information may require a new way of thinking for us and for those we interact with. When diagnosed 15 years ago with dyslexia I was both shocked and relieved!  I transpose numbers, struggle to …

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Navigating the choppy waters of grief!

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Twenty-two days ago my mentor, my friend and more importantly my father, passed away. it was peacefully and pain free. He had been on the long journey, like so many others, battling against cancer and although his body had lost the fight, his mind was still actively seeking solutions till the very end. His mindset was key to embracing the …

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A new sense of order on Blue Monday!

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So this Monday, the 20th of January is Blue Monday! Research suggests motivation is at its lowest, New Years resolutions get broken and apathy sets in. According to a press release by a mental health charity, the formula is as follows; Where weather =W, debt = d, time since Christmas = T, time since failing our new year’s resolutions = …

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Retreat, re-set and bring on the revolution!

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January is my time to retreat and reset after the madness of Christmas. A time to settle into thinking about the year ahead and all those possibilities. No new year resolutions here. So you can imagine my disappointment when all the Sunday newspapers were full of articles about ‘new you’, healthy habits for 2020, get fit fast and how to …