Mindfulness Sessions

Personal Development Mindfulness Sessions

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What are Mindfulness Sessions and how will they help you?

Mindfulness Sessions are courses specifically designed for busy people who want to Pause, Reset and Respond more effectively throughout their day. Louisa is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher and is trained in MBSR (Mindful Based Stress Reduction).

The 60 minute sessions are delivered over an eight week period. Creating a consistent healthy habit for you to build on daily. Join one of our online groups that meet in the mornings or evenings. 121 sessions are also available to work around your working day.

There are Mindfulness Online Courses for half day and full day workshops throughout the year. The workshop consolidates all the information, which also includes all the takeaway worksheets.

'Louisa shared Mindful techniques with the 6th Form here at Queens College on a weekly basis. The students learnt how to incorporate Mindfulness into their day and how the science behind this technique works. Louisa explained how the positive practice of Mindfulness can allow us to pause, be present and reset. A valuable set of tools in our busy world.’ Rebecca Mockridge|Sixth Form Coordinator