”The strategies Louisa has taught them are valuable skills, for life.”
24th June 2018

''The children in my class really look forward to Louisa’s Mindfulness sessions and remember to use the strategies she has taught them, in their daily lives. When the day becomes busy and noisy, I say to the children; let’s sit down and have a mindful breath like Louisa showed us. Without prompting, they immediately make their hand into a ‘starfish’ or ‘shark’ to help them focus on their breathing; after just a few minutes they are visibly calmer, both physically and mentally.

It is clear that this helps the children to focus more clearly on their learning and to be more compassionate with each other. The strategies Louisa has taught them are valuable skills, I hope, they will use throughout their lives to enable them to be mindful of the world around them, of others and themselves. 

In a time when we are recognising the importance of looking after our mental health, Louisa’s Mindfulness sessions are setting the children up with emotional and cognitive skills for life. ''

“Mindfulness, a valuable tool in our busy world.”
25th February 2018

"We know how important it is to invest in the whole child here at Queen’s and introducing the students to Mindfulness has been a smart one. Louisa Miles, a qualified Mindfulness Teacher ran Enrichment sessions for Year 10 and drop-in sessions for the 6th Form.  Louisa shared Mindful techniques with the 6th Form  on a weekly basis. The students learnt how to incorporate Mindfulness into their day and how the science behind this technique works. Louisa explained how the positive practice of Mindfulness can allow us to pause, be present and reset. A valuable set of tools in our busy world."

“Would I recommend her: YES!”
West Midlands
12th February 2018

“I rarely recommend people with regards business but when I do it's because they are exceptional at what they do. I introduced someone to Louisa who I believed needed the type of skills that Louisa has. He is a CEO of a very successful operation and a very talented person himself, so it was very much giving her the biggy to see how she does.

The reports back from the CEO are excellent, one very satisfied customer and I know that he will continue to be in contact with Louisa and recommend others. It's certainly not done me any harm either. So, in short: Would I recommend her: yes”

“Realistic Goals For a Busy Mum.”
12th February 2018

"Louisa helped me make myself accountable to my self & my own needs. As a working parent these had been bottom of my priorities. I knew I'd have to acknowledge the impact of not meeting these needs. We set realistic goals and agreed what I would have accomplished by our next session. Louisa supported my needs and was a catalyst in making me change negative thought patterns. I have learnt to be the best I can be for myself and be the best mum to my daughter. Thank you Louisa."

“Louisa is like Sunshine.”
St Albans
12th February 2018

“Louisa is like total sunshine and brings an aura of positivity with her wherever she goes. A great coach with a good future ahead of her.”

“Committed Coach & Mentor.”
12th February 2018

"I have had the privilege to have Louisa as my mentor. So, what does Louisa do? Well, she is just brilliant!Her enthusiasm and commitment to me as her client makes me want to achieve my goal in a way that I have not experienced before.

Louisa is a great listener, always brings me back to the relevant subject and challenges me when I least expect it (very effective!) Just thinking about a future session with Louisa makes me even more committed to complete my to do’s and goals.

Anyone feeling hesitant in using a mentor /coach should have a session with Louisa – you will not know what hit you – you just do things!

Louisa, thank you for our sessions and the commitment you have given to me."

“Expertise, Second To None!”
12th February 2018

“I would highly recommend Louisa as a Business or Personal Mentor.

Her professionalism, integrity and expertise are second to none.

She is highly inspirational, organised, motivating, supportive and her energy is infectious!”

“Truly Blessed to Work with Louisa.”
7th February 2018

"I have truly been blessed to work with Louisa as my life coach over the last 6 months. Louisa has helped me a great deal in clarifying my current situation and deciding what my next steps are. Louisa has really challenged me and allowed me to take a good look at what I want and how I will achieve it. She has a friendly and yet 100% professional approach with great listening and feedback skills. With Louisa I have been able to approach topics that are important to me and her caring and sensitive manner has supported the decisions I have made. Thank you Louisa."

“Level Headed Role Model.”
7th February 2018

"Louisa is a very positive, level headed role model who provides clarity. She used her positive energy to give me structure and strategies to deal with things in a straight- forward and clear way."