Karen Jolly, Company Director
9th April 2021

Louisa is insightful and intuitive, getting right to the root of any issue and presenting it back in a way you can digest, process and act upon positively.

I would count her as an extremely valuable addition to any team and money well spent for any company looking to improve the mental health and productivity of their staff.

We can’t recommend Louisa enough - if you are undecided, make the jump, you won’t regret it!

D Blake, Garden Designer, Somerset
17th March 2021

I booked Louisa for some life coaching. She’s great, my head is the problem, but my language or self-talk is changing. I feel more positive and I am kinder to myself as a result of this coaching.

Mr R Jones, Headhunter, Suffolk
19th August 2020

‘Louisa has a natural talent for Coaching and Mentoring – I only wish I had had the opportunity of working with her years ago. Thanks Louisa, I look forward to our future sessions.’

Helen Heyns, Lifestyle Consultant, Somerset
19th June 2020

Following my 121 coaching with Louisa life changed for the better, both professionally and personally. Louisa and her approach to life inspire me. Louisa has an infectious aura; I would bottle it if I could!

I now believe in “being more Louisa” – I have gained a better understanding of situations by stepping outside the box and I feel more content for it. I have always believed in a positive mental attitude but Louisa reminds you how to maintain this through any situation – good or bad. Louisa teaches valuable life skills; she is a fantastic coach and highly recommended.

Fanny Nordolf, Head of Human Resources, Stockholm
26th November 2019

"I have had the privilege to have Louisa as my mentor. So, what does Louisa do? Well, she is just brilliant! Her enthusiasm and commitment to me as her client makes me want to achieve my goal in a way that I have not experienced before.

Louisa is a great listener, always brings me back to the relevant subject and challenges me when I least expect it (very effective!). Just thinking about a future session with Louisa makes me even more committed to complete my to-do’s and goals.

Anyone feeling hesitant in using a mentor /coach should have a session with Louisa – you will not know what hit you – you just do things!

Louisa, thank you for our sessions and the commitment you have given to me."

Mr N Beasely, Director, London
6th September 2019

"Louisa's insights and guidance are magnificent! By my second session with Louisa I was already feeling in much more control over both my work and my life. She has an uncanny ability of homing in on the root of the problem and encouraging you to find a solution that fits in with your personality and circumstances.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Louisa to anyone who is need of coaching, guidance and empowerment. My only regret is that I didn't get introduced to Louisa years ago!"

Rachel Lawson, Year 1 Teacher, Taunton School.
19th August 2019

The children in my class really look forward to Louisa’s Mindfulness sessions and remember to use the strategies she has taught them, in their daily lives. When the day becomes busy and noisy, I say to the children; let’s sit down and have a mindful breath like Louisa showed us. Without prompting, they immediately make their hand into a ‘starfish’ or ‘shark’ to help them focus on their breathing; after just a few minutes they are visibly calmer, both physically and mentally. It is clear that this helps the children to focus more clearly on their learning and to be more compassionate with each other. The strategies Louisa has taught them are valuable skills, I hope, they will use throughout their lives to enable them to be mindful of the world around them, of others and themselves. 

In a time when we are recognising the importance of looking after our mental health, Louisa’s Mindfulness sessions are setting the children up with emotional and cognitive skills for life.  

Mrs S Horner, Head of Queen's College Pre-Prep School, Taunton
7th October 2018

"Louisa came into our school for a day in the summer term to run Mindfulness sessions with all our pupils from Nursery School to Year Two. All the children and staff felt the benefit from the sessions, which focused on mindful bodies and listening, mindful breathing and anchors as well as mindful body scans and mindful eating. The children all commented on how much they enjoyed the sessions, some saying that they had gone home and taught some of the activities to their families. We continue to use mindfulness within our classes."

Mrs Rebecca Mockeridge, Assistant Head of 6th Form, Taunton
25th September 2018

"We know how important it is to invest in the whole child here at Queen’s and introducing the students to Mindfulness has been a smart one. Louisa Miles, a qualified Mindfulness Teacher ran Enrichment sessions for Year 10 and drop-in sessions for the 6th Form.  Louisa shared Mindful techniques with the 6th Form  on a weekly basis. The students learnt how to incorporate Mindfulness into their day and how the science behind this technique works. Louisa explained how the positive practice of Mindfulness can allow us to pause, be present and reset. A valuable set of tools in our busy world."

Karen, Entrepeneur, Manchester
23rd September 2018

"I have truly been blessed to work with Louisa as my life coach over the last 6 months. Louisa has helped me a great deal in clarifying my current situation and deciding what my next steps are. Louisa has really challenged me and allowed me to take a good look at what I want and how I will achieve it. She has a friendly and yet 100% professional approach with great listening and feedback skills. With Louisa I have been able to approach topics that are important to me and her caring and sensitive manner has supported the decisions I have made. Thank you Louisa."