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What is Workplace Wellbeing and how will it help you?

Business owners are investing in their staffs mental health and wellbeing. We work collaboratively with companies to ensure that this is a positive and productive process.

We explore and design a blueprint that works just for you and your team.

What will Workplace Wellbeing cover?

  • These are some of the areas we cover;
  • Definitions of wellbeing
  • Approaches to strategy development
  • Wellbeing models
  • Sources of information
  • Well-being plans
  • Strategic framework for wellbeing at work
  • Measuring wellbeing

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“Louisa’s insights and guidance are magnificent! By my second session with Louisa I was already feeling in much more control over both my work and my life. She has an uncanny ability of homing in on the root of the problem and encouraging you to find a solution that fits in with your personality and circumstances.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Louisa to anyone who is in need of coaching, guidance and empowerment. My only regret is that I didn’t get introduced to Louisa years ago!”

Neil Beasley| Director